About us

OneDayOnly holds the esteemed title of being South Africa's original daily deals website. Our deals offer excellent discounts, limited supply and are on sale for one day only (hence our uber-creative name). We partner with top brands and key suppliers to be able to offer their products to over a million potential customers through our daily mailer, the website itself and social media marketing.

Provided the quality and price are right, we'll sell anything - and that's exactly what makes us so appealing to both buyer and seller. Couple this with the urgency of the deal and it creates a winning formula for a high number of sales in a very short space of time.

We're looking for an ace copywriter to fulfil a DREAM role. Taking on the mantle of copywriter at OneDayOnly isn't like just any other agency role; this position will remind you why you fell in love with writing.

The ideal candidate doesn't take themselves too seriously (but they take their work incredibly seriously), they know how to solve problems and, most importantly, they have a good sense of humour. We like to joke around here.

About you

You love to write, and your copy is just an extension of your charismatic personality. You're able to get to the bottom of things when a brief is confusing, and you're happy to take initiative when needed. You're organised yet flexible, and pride yourself on your reliability and consistency. You're looking for a place where you can both grow and show off your skills.

What you'll love

The ability to do something you're really good at for a company you'll come to love, writing copy for a brand with a very entertaining and unique tone of voice, working hand in hand with some very skilled creatives on different projects and last but not least staff discounts on top of ludicrously affordable prices.


  • Understanding and replicating OneDayOnly's tone of voice is critical.
  • Writing copy for all website content, including mailers, banners, automated responses, product descriptions, ad hoc customer service responses.
  • Working alongside the social media team to provide content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Involvement in brainstorms and concept meetings for larger campaigns, rich content & special projects.
  • Because the brand tone of voice is so NB, prior knowledge / external understanding of the brand persona is extremely advantageous.
  • Ensure that all products are proofed and ready for delivery or posting.
  • Developing marketing and communications content that will separate us from the crowd.

Requirements, Skills, & Qualifications:

  • +- 2 years experience as a copywriter or in a similar industry.
  • Excellent at all facets of writing, including grammar, composition craft, and understanding of the purpose of the copy.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Highly creative
  • An understanding of a wide array of platforms - from radio to SEO.
  • Extremely high attention to detail - you'd notice a screw out of place in a warehouse.
  • Self-motivated, driven, and able to take initiative.
  • Work well in a collaborative team environment.
  • Highly organised with strong time management skills.
  • Agile and able to juggle projects.
  • Punctual