About us

OneDayOnly holds the esteemed title of being South Africa's original daily deals website. Our deals offer excellent discounts, limited supply and are on sale for one day only (hence our uber-creative name). We partner with top brands and key suppliers to be able to offer their products to over a million potential customers through our daily mailer, the website itself and social media marketing.

Provided the quality and price are right, we'll sell anything - and that's exactly what makes us so appealing to both buyer and seller. Couple this with the urgency of the deal and it creates a winning formula for a high number of sales in a very short space of time.

About you

You’re all about design and you’ve got an eye for what looks good. Sometimes you can’t explain exactly why, but you just know it does. You’re allergic to hearing the term, “Just make it pop!” (don’t worry there’s none of that happening around here) and you can recite the hex code for your favourite brands’ logos from memory. Above all though, you’re a friendly and outgoing team member who isn’t afraid to take responsibility for picking the music in the office on any given day.

What you’ll love

  • Making sure our page and all the deals looks sharp
  • Working with some very skilled individuals
  • Staff discounts on top of ludicrously affordable products



Responsibilities include:

  • Problem-solving and finding fast, creative, and effective solutions.
  • Creating artwork for email marketing and use on the website homepage.
  • Liaising with buyers to ensure artwork briefs are fulfilled.
  • Staying current with new design and art trends.
  • Layout and compositions of products in an effective and creatively appealing way to best sell the product.
  • Sourcing and editing lifestyle images that are best suited to specific products.


  • Relevant design diploma/degree.
  • 1-2 years’ experience working in a design studio.
  • Good foundation in design principles.
  • Advanced Photoshop skills.
  • Excellent deep etching and retouching skills.
  • Strong eye for typography, colour, and hierarchy – as well as attention to detail.
  • Work in a collaborative team environment as well as independently.
  • Self-motivated and well-organized with effective time-management skills to meet tight deadlines.
  • Team player
  • Strong work ethic and accountability.
  • Friendly and outgoing.