The History
Our story began way back in 2008 when we were founded by friends Chris Oberhofer and Maurits Vermeulen. Chris and Maurits envisioned an e-commerce platform like no other, one that provides South African shoppers with the unique experience of unbeatable deals daily! Since we went to market in 2010, we have solidified our position in the market and have expanded our product categories to include electronics, fashion, cosmetics, and furniture. From offering just one deal a day, we now offer over 250 unbeatable deals a day!


Our mission is simple and is all about our respective relationships with customers, suppliers, and our incredible employees. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority; what can we say, we aim to please! We work carefully to maintain strong partnerships with our suppliers to ensure that we can provide shoppers with the best products and the best prices - daily! Lastly, what would we be without outstanding employees? Nothing! We make sure that our staff know we recognise their value. Fostering these relationships gives us our edge!


At, we have four core values! First off, we’re all about growth - personally, professionally, as a group. We believe that the only way to grow as a company is to empower our employees to grow professionally. Secondly, we value innovation and that our improvement is tied to trying new ideas in an effort to constantly improve. We seek every opportunity to add value - this is our third value. We add value by finding new ways to ensure customer satisfaction, foster supplier and partner relationships and through appreciating our employees. Lastly, we ensure our Authenticity by ensuring the best value for money for our customers as well as committing to a culture of respect.